Tell me:

Is your relationship not the “GREAT!” that it might have been once, or that you’d always longed for it to be?

Do you ever feel like life hasn’t turned out the way you planned? Or that, even if it has, you don’t love your life the way you always hoped to, or were told that you would?

Are you stuck—and so tired of being stuck?

Do you find yourself following patterns that are no longer working for you (if they ever really did)?

Has life thrown you one too many curveballs and you don’t where to start?

Are you surprised and maybe a little uncomfortable to find yourself turning to therapy at this stage of your life, perhaps for the first time?

If so, I may be the perfect therapist for you to start to unwind all those questions, frustrations and hurts and begin to find a better way of doing, a better way of being. By creating a safe, warm, curious and respectful space tempered with humor and kindness, together we can explore what is happening—and what is not happening—in your life, and we can begin to find ways to help you to do things differently, to do things better for you.

Are you ready to move on to better things? Then let’s begin….


Who I Am

I am Jennifer Saunders, a former corporate attorney who has transitioned to helping others on a more personal level as a Marriage & Family Therapist. I work primarily with smart, competent couples and individuals who find themselves or their relationships stuck: life or their relationship isn’t working out as well as they planned, or they aren’t experiencing the joy and aliveness they expected. I use my rich and varied life experiences, professional training and warm humor to help my clients find a better way of being and doing.

Where to Find Me

I see clients in Studio City, close to the intersection of Laurel Canyon and Ventura Boulevards, with plenty of free street parking.

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How to Reach Me

Contact me today for your free 15-minute consultation to discuss what you’re looking for and to determine if I am the right therapist for you at this time.